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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation


Peer mediation is a conflict resolution technique that trains children as volunteer mediators to work with their peers. At Hollydale support staff and students have set up a Peer Mediation Scheme through which the volunteer mediators work with their peers to help resolve low level conflicts, address bullying, and prevent fights.


What can Peer Mediators do?


They can mediate if…

-  You are feeling left out

-  There is name calling

-  Friends have fallen out

-  You feel something is not fair in a game

-  When you feel pick on

-  When you feel unhappy

They will help you to...


-  Stop arguing about something

-  Find a way to agree and to make things better.

The Mediators Promise


-  They will not take sides.

-  They will not tell the pupil what to do.

-  They will not gossip about the conversation.
   (If they are worried about the session they will tell an adult)

The Mediators Rules


The mediators ask the pupils:

-  To talk one at a time and not to interrupt each other

-  To speak from their own point of view and not blame or accuse the other pupil.

Referrals to the peer mediators


1.  Pupil with a worry contacts the Peer Mediators.

2.  The mediators listen to the pupil.

3.  The mediators explain how mediation might help.

4.  The pupil decides if they would like to try mediation.

5.  The mediators approach the other person involved.

6.  The mediators listen to the other person’s views

7.  The mediators get together with the pupils

8.  The mediators help them to reach an agreement.

9.  The mediators discuss meeting again to check if the agreement is working.

10.  Everyone can meet again to check agreement.

The Mediators on duty may also:


-  Spot incidences and ask if pupils would like mediation.

-  Referrals can be also made by school adults or friends.

-  Referrals can be made via the mediation post box.

Ms Sinclair leads the Peer mediators. She is in the playground with them to support and advise. The peer mediators receive training and are on duty four times a week. Peer Mediators wear a green vest, so that they are easily identifiable.

Autumn 2 Peer Mediators Rota

Peer Mediation List 2014-2015