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Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy and Head Girl


Hollydale has one Head Boy and one Head Girl.  We also have one Deputy head boy and one Deputy head girl. They have to go a rigerous interview process and work with the Headteacher to market and improve the school.  The Job Description and Person Specification are below.


Head Boy /Girl Job Description


Main purposes of the job

  1. To support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school


Main responsibilities and tasks

  1. Represent the school at certain events
  2. Make speeches promoting the school
  3. Show visitors round
  4. Meet with school council /prefects


Head Boy /Girl Person Specification



  1. Experience of being an excellent role model for others
  2. Experience of talking to others confidently /or giving speeches



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Can say the school rules
  2. Understands right from wrong
  3. Ability to communicate to large groups confidently
  4. Ability to recognise and respond to others’ achievements


Head Boy


Tavari Ruocco


Year 6, September 2016


Head Boy Statement


My name is Tavari Ruocco and I am 11 years old. I would like to become head boy because I want to make the school an ever better place. I think I possess all the qualities to be head boy. Here are some of them:


I am constantly praised for my communication skills. I am able to speak to people either as a group or on a one to one basis. I can always identify when someone needs support.


Some people think that I’m shy and that’s exactly why I want to become head boy. When I become head boy, I would be able to speak to teachers and pupils confidently, and talk in front of large groups of people.


I am a great problem solver, thinking outside of the box, and I can figure out simple and effective solutions. I understand what is right from wrong.


I understand that when I become head boy, I will have many roles and responsibilities, and I feel I have the capability to handle them, whether they are big or small.


I promise that when I become head boy, I will make people feel welcome and that they can come to talk to me whenever they want to without feeling uncomfortable.


I will be able to keep what people tell me to myself so confidentiality will not be broken.


When I become head boy I understand that being head boy doesn’t mean I take absolute control. I will still be a great friend as well as head boy, so help me to help you!


I promise that I will support the head teacher and the senior leadership team in representing and promoting the school. All ideas and suggestions will be considered, discussed and put to a vote.


When I become head boy, I will make speeches and I will show visitors around the school, in the best possible light. I will always meet with the school council.


Thankfully, I have experience of being a fantastic role model for others, and I can speak to others confidently. I’m trying to say that good things come in small packages!


Together, you and I can make the school better than it already is!


Head Girl


Demi Pearson



Year 6, September 2016


Head Girl Statement


I would like to be head girl because I like to listen to people also I like to work out problems. I am a very polite person. I respect people’s opinions and have great relationships with my fellow pupils and teachers. I am very responsible and approachable and I understand right from wrong.


I get very excited to see others achieve. I have already represented you as a school council member and as a peer mediator. It would be my pleasure to represent you as head girl.


I think I will be a good head girl because I know and understand the three R’s of the school rules. I respect everybody and I have great relationships with everybody. If you get bullied you can come to me and I will try to work it out with you and the person who is bulling you to find out the problem. I will also make sure you are alright and happy every day at school.


Deputy Head Boy


Jevaughn Rowe



Year 6, September 2016


Deputy Head Girl


Habibat Ayodele



Year 6, September 2016