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At Hollydale Primary, we know that regular attendance and a punctual start to the day, gives the pupils all the learning opportunities and experiences required to achieve.


We expect 100% attendance from all of our pupils, so that they can experience all that is on offer in school. Our attendance target for 2014-2015 is 96%. To achieve this, we recognise that the school, Parents/Carers and the children need to work together, in partnership so that the child reaches their full potential and has accessed all that is on offer.


The world is run by those who turn up.


Attending school every day =  100% attendance.

Attending 4 ½ days a week =  90% attendance =  4 weeks missed per year

Attending 4 days a week =  80% attendance =  more than half a term missed per year or 2 full years missed over the course of their school career.

Attending 3 ½ days each week =  70% attendance =  more than a quarter of the school year missed.

An average attendance of 80% or less across a child’s school career adds up to missing a whole 2 years from school.


Being late for school reduces learning time.

If your child is 5 minutes late every day they will miss three days of learning each year.

If your child is 15 minutes late every day they will miss is 2 weeks of learning each year.


What can you do to help?


If your child is ill or absent for any other reason, contact the school on the first day of absence.

Follow the school’s procedures for notifying absence, and always let the school know of any days that your child is unable to attend.

Make sure your child arrives at school on time each day.

Take an interest in your child’s education.

Ask them about their day and praise and encourage their achievements at school.


What happens if your child does not attend school regularly?


As a school we are responsible by law for reporting poor attendance to the LA. As a parent, you are committing an offence if you fail to make sure that your child attends school regularly. You run the risk of being issued with a penalty notice or being taken to court.


What about authorised absences?


Of course there may be times when your child has to miss school because she or he is ill. This is to be expected and for the odd day off sick you should follow the school’s procedures for notifying illness.

Children may also have to attend a medical or dental appointment in school time. However, you should try to make routine appointments such as dental check-ups during the school holidays or after school hours. Any absence must be requested as far in advance as possible. Absences can only be authorised by the school.

In primary schools less than 65% get good results in Maths and English in schools with an average of 15 days absence compared to around 90% in schools where the average is less than 8 days. Many parents are surprised how quickly their children accumulate 15 days absence.


What does the law say?


By law, all children of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16) must get a suitable, full-time education. As a parent, you are responsible for making sure this happens, either by registering your child at a school or by making other arrangements which provide a suitable full-time education. Once your child is registered at a school you are responsible for making sure he or she attends regularly.  The LA is responsible for making sure that parents fulfil their responsibilities. Parents are responsible for making sure that their registered children regularly attend school and any alternative provision arranged for them.